calvert gate

To celebrate the news of the East-West Rail Western Section getting funding, the East-West Rail Consortium threw a little bash on Friday. A special train service, put on by Chiltern Railways, ran from Aylesbury, via the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road, to the end of the line near Calvert Junction.

As well as members of the Consortium, the All Party Parliamentary Group on East-West Rail, and other distinguished guests, we were invited along too! Here are a few of the pics that we managed to take. We started off in Aylesbury waiting for our train…

east west rail at aylesbury

We then travelled to the end of the line near Calvert Junction via an aborted attempt to get to Bicester (a level crossing that hadn’t been used in 6 weeks had its fusebox flooded).

chilterns train

Once open, the line will go from its current state to having over 4 trains per hour in each direction. And that is just in 5 years time.

calvert gate

disused east west route

Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves, even if it meant getting muddy shoes!!

east west group 1

east west group 2

east west group 3

After all that, it was back to the Railway Centre for some tea and nibbles, that were great received!

quainton road

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