Willen Lake

Willen LakeOur fourth Bike Week bike ride is a little known one that while bit of a distance, is a great one for cycling with the family. This is the ride to Willen Lake.

This ride makes full use of one of Milton Keynes’ hidden gems – the Redways. This is a network of segregated, almost completely traffic free routes throughout Milton Keynes that are just brilliant to cycle on.

This ride, which I have helpfully plotted on Google Maps for you is a lovely and scenic one. From Bow Brickhill station, you cycle around Caldecotte Lake, through linear parks and quiet roads all the way to Willen Lake. There you can rest, have something to eat, allow the kids to play in the play area, and even take a pedal boat out on the water before cycling back.

To help you, you can download and print off a copy of the Redways map online.

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