Bletchley Park

Bletchley ParkBletchley Park is the most famous historical attraction on the Marston Vale Line. Bletchley Park was the location of the country’s main codebreaking establishment, Station X, and is widely accredited to be the birthplace of the modern computer. Codes and ciphers of several Axis countries were deciphered there, most famously the German Enigma. The high-level intelligence produced by Bletchley Park, codenamed Ultra, is frequently credited with aiding the Allied war effort and shortening World War 2.

Bletchley Park is now a museum dedicated to the works carried out here during World War 2. Many of the original machines used to decipher are present or have been lovingly restored, and the buildings are a marvel in themselves.

There are more than enough different activities and exhibitions to occupy most families for a whole day, from wartime toys to working computers. There’s a wartime mini cinema and an outstanding Churchill collection. Have a look inside the ornate Victorian Mansion that was headquarters to intelligence staff during the War. Wander by the Lake, relax and observe the wildlife. Children can let off steam on our new playground. And there’s much much more.

Action this Day!

Enigma MachineBletchley Park has received the wonderful news that it can access £4.6 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore Bletchley Park to its former glory. But to do this, Bletchley Park needs your help!

So Bletchley Park is repeating the call from Winston Churchill to Action this Day, where you can help to raise the £1.7 million it needs to access the Heritage Lottery Fund. Find out how you can contribute to this great cause on their website.


Bletchley Park is just a short walk from Bletchley station. Just walk out of the station to the road running past the station, and head right. Bletchley Park is the next left – its that easy!

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