Milton Keynes

The new town of Milton Keynes has something to offer everybody seeking a day out. Below are a selection of our recommended days out, but if you want to see more, or find out what’s on locally, look at the MK web website.

History and Historic Sites

Concrete CowsYou would think that being just 40 years old, there isn’t much history to Milton Keynes. Well, you would be wrong. If your a fan of the history, there are plenty of places to visit, including Bletchley, Stony Stratford, and the village of Milton Keynes itself (hidden amongst the mass of new build around it). The Milton Keynes museum shows a fascinating local history, as well as the building of the new town itself.

Main attractions: Bletchley Park | Milton Keynes Museum

Family Days Out

Milton Keynes is a town with families in mind, so its no surprise that there are plenty of things to do if you have children. Outdoor adventures, snowboarding, water skiing, going to the cinema, and even its own theme park. There are plenty of places to take the kids!

Main attractions: Willen Lakeside FunXscape | Gulliver’s Theme Park


Midsummer PlaceIt would be safe to say that if you are a lover of retail therapy, Milton Keynes is definately the place for you. The place to be is thecentre:MK, a massive shopping centre right in the heart of the town (catch a bus from either Bletchley or Woburn Sands to get there). If you favour a more traditional high street, we highly recommend Woburn Sands, Bletchley, and Stony Stratford.

Main attractions: thecentre:MK | Xscape

Art and Crafts

Art and craft is a relatively underestimated strength of the town, with a vibrant local arts scene. Local and national artists frequently display in a number of the areas’ galleries, and many of the local parks have sculptures from local artists for you to enjoy. And you can, of course, visit Milton Keynes’ most famous sculpture – the Concrete Cows.

Main attractions: MK Gallery | Inter-Action MK

Theatres and Nights Out

Theatre DistrictIf you fancy a good night out, Milton Keynes is definately the place to be! The main area for a good night out is the Theatre District in the centre, which contains a variety of resturants, bars, night clubs, and of course the theatre. But with the last train back from Bletchley being around 9pm, you may have to book a cab!

Main attractions: MK Theatre | Xscape | The Hub

Parks and Gardens

Milton Keynes was designed so that its residents had good access to plentiful green spaces, and does it show. The Parks in Milton Keynes are one of the towns little-known gems. Our particular recommendations are Caldecotte Lake (near Bow Brickhill station), Willen Lake, and Campbell Park. All of these parks are easily cyclable too.

Main attractions: Milton Keynes Parks Trust


One of the big benefits of the parks in Milton Keynes is that they succeed in bring the natural environment into the heart of the town. The Parks are an excellent place to spot birds and mammals. Outside of the town, there are a number of local nature reserves.

Main attractions: Milton Keynes Parks Trust | Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve | Little Linford Wood


Goal CelebrationIf you’re a fan of any sport, there is bound to be something in Milton Keynes that will suit you. Undoubtedly the most famous sporting attraction locally is stadium:MK, home of Milton Keynes Dons. But even if football isn’t your thing, there is lots to do locally, including motorsports, ice hockey, and even snowboarding.

Main attractions: Milton Keynes Dons FC | Daytona MKXscape

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