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Fares & Discounts

RailcardsRailways have a bit of a reputation of being expensive and poor value for money. On the Marston Vale Line, this reputation is a bit unwarranted. For example, an off-peak return fare from Bedford to Bletchley costs just £5.40, the same price as an equivalent car journey! And this does not take into account the further discounts that you could be eligible for.

This section of the website gives you an introduction to the fares that are available on the Marston Vale Line, and discounts that you could be entitled to. In addition to this, you can also buy tickets online. As well as buying online, you can also buy most tickets at your nearest staffed ticket office, ticket machines, as well as from the conductor on the train.

Buy tickets online now!

Buy onlineYou may have noticed on all pages of the website there is a quick timetable and fares box to the right. Using this box you can buy your tickets online now! Simply fill out the details of your journey, register, and your tickets will be sent to your front door. You can buy all available tickets between any of our stations and any British railway station, and you can reserve seats on some trains too!

In order to buy the tickets, you will need your credit or debit card details to hand. Registration is also required.

Can't see anything? Simply log onto the to buy your tickets online now!

Featured Fare - Advanced Purchase

Virgin Pendolino TrainIf you are thinking about travelling long distance, then buying an advanced purchase fare may be for you. By buying in advance, and specifying what trains you are willing to travel on, you can pick up bargain fares. And with intercity operators running from Milton Keynes Central and Bedford (and even if you need to travel via London), you can pick up some real bargains. For example, you can get from Millbrook to Manchester for as little at 20!

Advanced Purchase fares are one of many fares that are available on the Marston Vale Line. For other fares, please see the Fare Guide.

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