Olympic Stadium

Olympic StadiumUnless you have been living in a cave for the last 7 years, you probably know that the Olympic and Paralympic Games is taking place in London (mostly) over the next couple of months. If you are planning to go the games (or even if not), we hope this post will provide some useful information.

Get Ahead of the Games

The first thing you should do is get this website into your head: GetAheadoftheGames.com. Bookmark it, share it, follow it on Twitter, anything. As well as being able to plan your trip, it will have live information on disruption, and where it is busy (including station closures). Simply: USE THIS WEBSITE.

Its going to be busy

Ok, obvious warning – its going to be busy. Not our trains, obviously, but trains into and out of London will be busy, at all times. London Midland will be providing an extra 70,000 seats per week to deal with the demand. But you may still have to wait to get your train. You may have to wait, but you will get home!

So the simple advice is, if you are going to an Olympic event, allow extra time to travel. If you aren’t going to an Olympic event, change your travel patterns if you can.

Buy your ticket in advance, and get a discount

Get Ahead of the GamesIf you have got a ticket to the Games (like me), you can book your train ticket in advance, and save up to 30% on the normal off-peak price. What’s more, this price is offered all day, no matter what the time. Go to the National Rail Olympic Tickets website to buy your tickets.

If you are travelling to an event in London, a free One Day Travelcard is provided as part of your Event Ticket.

That’s about all i can say in a short Blog post. Just to re-iterate, the Get Ahead of the Games website will be your best friend over the next couple of months. Use it, and use it well. And if you are going to the Games, have fun (and say hi to me at the Basketball!).

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