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Getting to School

School SignThe Marston Vale Line has always been very popular with school children travelling to and from school. A significant number of school children do use the service each and every morning to get to the schools of Bedford, and to a lesser extent Bletchley.

The school run has also become an increasing issue in recent times. An increasing number of children being driven to and from school is leading to increased congestion, more traffic around the school gates, and less exercise for children who are being driven to school.

We are keen to work with parents, schools, and kids, to rediscover their local railway as a means of getting to and from school. This section of the site provides information to help do this. Of course, we are more than willing to help. So e-mail us at to find out more!

Benefits of using the train

Getting off at Bedford St JohnsWhilst most kids will be walked to their local school, if you do travel to somewhere like Bedford or Bletchley to go to school or college, or you are thinking of sending your child to one of the schools there, why not think about using the train? The benefits of using the train service include:

School run is no longer a problem - You tackle the school run by not being in it! This helps to improve safety around the school gate, and help lessen traffic generally.

Keep fit - Obesity in kids is becoming more of a problem. Help to keep fit by walking to and from the station (every little helps!).

Take part in after-school activities - Many school buses leave soon after school finishes. By taking the train, after-school clubs and activities, such as sports, are possible.

Independence - Parents, kids always want it, and becoming more independent is an important stage in their development. So long as they are old enough to use the train themselves, then why not let them do so?

This section of the website provides lots of useful advice for parents, kids, and schools and colleges. So take a look around!

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