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Getting to Work

Getting offLet’s face it, travelling to work is a necessary evil at best isn’t it? If it isn’t bad traffic, its road works, getting stuck behind lorries, or another driver nearly causing an accident by not indicating. And with more and more people buying cars, and with congestion predicted only to get worse, we can’t see things getting better any time soon!

If you live and work in the Marston Vale, why not think about using the Marston Vale Line to travel to and from your place at work? You may be surprised at how convenient, quick, and cheap it could be for you. You can find all sorts of information in this section, but we recommend that you fill in the details on the Personal Journey Planner. By using this, we can give you suggestions on how the Marston Vale Line could be used on your journey to work. Whether you act upon them is, of course, up to you!

If you are an employer, we have some useful help in this section, which shows how the Marston Vale Line could benefit your business. Why not spend a few minutes of your time just looking it over? You may be surprised as to what we could offer!

Benefits of the using the Marston Vale Line to get to work

Traffic in BedfordThere are several reasons why we feel you could use the Marston Vale Line to get to work, and the people who do are already seeing these benefits. If the below reasons do whet your appetite, why not use our Personal Journey Planner to see what we could offer you?

Save time by avoiding the traffic. You avoid the traffic by being off the road altogether. With the average person spending 20 minutes a day just sat in traffic, you could save time by not being in it!

Get some ‘me time’. When was the last time that you really had some time to yourself? With all of life’s pressures and stresses, having a few moments to yourself can be hard. But why not build this time into your commute to work? Let the train take the strain, and read a paper, read a book, listen to music, or just watch the world (and Stewartby Brickworks!) go by.

Train stations near major areas of employment. The Marston Vale Line serves many large areas of employment. While business parks at Ridgmont, Kempston Hardwick, and Bow Brickhill are obvious, we also provide a direct link into Bedford and Bletchley Town Centres. Chances are, we are near where you work!

Bank NotesSave money. Trains have a reputation for being a bit expensive, which is somewhat unfounded on the Marston Vale Line. Average fares on the line are around 17p per mile, while it costs an average family car 25p per mile to run. With season tickets, you could save even more money!

Improve the reliability of your journeys. Contrary to popular belief our trains run on time virtually all of the time. In fact, our trains are so reliable they improve the reliability score of the train operating company!

Lower CO2 emissions. In the world of carbon footprints and global warming, using the train to get to work is an easy way of reducing your impact. Our trains emit on average 55% less CO2 per mile than a small car.

Featured Employer - Marston Gate Distribution Centre

Marston Gate Distribution CentreThe Marston Gate Distribution Centre is one of the most prominent employers close to the line. The distribution centre is home to a number of companies, the most notable of which are Aid Pack and With the Marston Vale service providing a service from early morning to late evening, the train is well used by employees who have a whole manner of shift patterns. In fact, the distribution centre is the sole reason for an increased use of Ridgmont station in recent years!

If you are an employer, and you want to find out how we can benefit your business and staff, then visit the Information for Employers section.

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