Train crossing Grand Union Canal

Fenny StratfordIf you’re somewhat of a stats geek like I am, you may have been very interested to see that yesterday the Office of Rail Regulation published stats showing the number of rail passengers passing through each station, measured by ticket sales, for every UK station. This is for the year 2011/12.

Now, I really couldn’t resist having a look to see how we were doing. Taking out the two mainline stations (as most of their trips are not on our line), there was a very slight increase in the use of our line, from 206k trips per year to 214k trips per year – not bad during a recession!

For those who are fiercley local, you probably want to know how your station is doing. Well, here are the number of passengers passing through each of our stations in order (note that these include mainline and trips on our line):

  1. Bedford (Midland): 3,304,088
  2. Bletchley: 849,376
  3. Woburn Sands: 47,428
  4. Bow Brickhill: 33,636
  5. Lidlington: 26,654
  6. Ridgmont: 24,330
  7. Fenny Stratford: 21,312
  8. Millbrook: 15,962
  9. Stewartby: 15,556
  10. Aspley Guise: 12,440
  11. Bedford St Johns: 10,124
  12. Kempston Hardwick: 7,318

Now I think the Bedford St Johns figure is a massive under-estimate. This is because all tickets to Bedford are sold as ‘Bedford Stations’ and most are allocated to Bedford Midland. Plus you only need to look at the number of kids getting off the train in the morning there to see it is wrong!

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