Lidlington StationThe Friends of Lidlington Station have been busy beavering away over the last few months on some new plans to improve the environment of Lidlington station. We are very pleased to announce that all of these plans have not been in vain, as we have secured funding for environmental improvements at the station. Yay us!

What are these plans, you say? Ah, I will tell you now that they are two things. Firstly, a water butt and associated guttering and pipe work will be fitted to the shelters on each platform. These will collect rain water that will be used to water all the flowers – much easier and greener than getting it from nearby houses. London Midland have kindly offered to fit them for us – thanks guys!

We are also looking to build upon the work done to clear the unused land behind each platform to make them real wildlife havens. As well as promoting tree growth and shrubs, there will be more planting with bushes, wildflowers, a range of wildlife boxes and bird feeders.

How exciting is all this? We’re not exactly sure when all the work will be completed, but needless to say we will let you know when we do.

The funding for this was kindly provided through the Designated Community Rail Development Fund – a partnership of the Department for Transport, Network Rail, and the Association of Community Rail Partnerships. Thanks guys!

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