Ridgmont Station House

Ridgmont Station HouseYou have no idea how long we have been waiting to say this. After years of renovation, negotiations, sleepless nights, and long hours, on Tuesday 10th September Ridgmont Station Building will be open for business. Wahoo!!!!!

At 9am the doors will swing open on the building for the first time. The Cafe will open from that time, serving teas, coffees, and cakes for your pleasure. The Visitor Centre will also open – in a limited capacity originally – and our new tenants will also take up residence.

So please come along and see us. For a little while things won’t be running at quite full speed, but we hope that you can pop in and say hello. On the opening day, why not tie it in with the Bedfordshire Walking Festival Walk taking place at Ridgmont?

During the first week, the cafe will be open 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, and the Visitor Centre from 10am to 4pm. Also, keep your eyes peeled as there will be an entirely new section added to this website dedicated purely to the building.

To say we are chuffed is an understatement!

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2 Responses to Ridgmont Station Building to open on 10th September

  1. Barbara Dawson says:

    Hoping to visit with a friend on Friday 20th September .
    Anything I need to know re access please Steven.

    Blessings Barbara

    • James says:

      Hi Barbara,

      Do you mean step-free access? All areas of the downstairs of the building (where the cafe and heritage centre are) are step-free access. There is a lift close to the front door (that faces onto the road). The station is step-free access to.

      Hope this helps.