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National Railway Musuem logoAs part of its redisplay of its Station Hall, the National Railway Museum, and they are requesting members of the public to share their stories. And we would like a Marston Vale Line story to adorn the walls!

Your stories will help to develop the experience of the Station Hall, and to provide a picture of life at a UK railway station.

So do you have a memorable commute, taking the train to go on holiday or out with pals, or special journeys like going on honeymoon? Did you used to work on the railway? If so, what did you do, where were you based, and what stories can you tell of your work?

If you can answer yes to any of the above, then get in contact with them! You can submit your story online, via email, or by post. It would be brilliant to have a Marston Vale Line story on the walls of the National Railway Museum.

You can find more information on the project on the National Railway Museum website.

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