Car Parking & Car Sharing

Bedford Station Car ParkIf you want to drive to the station, only two of our stations have dedicated car parking – Bletchley and Bedford. Bedford St Johns has a nearby public car park.

Bedford car park is managed by First Capital Connect. This is typically a very busy car park, which is often full by 9am on weekdays. You can pay for your parking on the day, in advance, or by mobile phone.

Bletchley car park is managed by London Midland. Whilst busy, you can often get spaces at this car park. You can pay for your parking on the day, in advance, or by mobile phone. There are also discounts for eco-friendly car parking.

Also, as an added bonus, if you regularly park at Bletchley station, you can also park at Milton Keynes Central and Leighton Buzzard stations without further charge. Not only that, but you can travel between Bletchley and either of these stations on London Midland or Southern services at no extra cost to your train ticket. Note that this doesn’t apply to Virgin Trains services, in case you are looking to get into London on the cheap!

Bedford St Johns is located very close to the Melbourne Street Public Car Park. This car park is operated by Bedford Borough Council, providing both short stay and long stay parking. There are often plenty of spaces at this car park.

All other stations on the line currently have no formal parking at them or close by. Informal car parking is available on nearby roads and streets. Whilst in most cases it is not illegal to park in these areas, so as not to inconvenience our surrounding communities, we recommend that you find alternative means of travelling to the station.

If you still must travel to the station by car, we recommend that make sure that your parked car is clearly visible, you do not obstruct roads or driveways, and you do not park near junctions.

Car sharing

Minimise the cost of your journey to the station by sharing a car with someone else. By sharing your journey, you are halving the cost, and the carbon emission.

Several car-share schemes operate in the area served by the Marston Vale Line.

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