Group Travel

London Midland offer some great deals for Group Travel on their services. If there are between 3 and 9 of you travelling, you can get 34% off the price of a ticket either at a station or booking online. For groups of 10 or over, you can get a discount of 26% off the price.

Group Travel restrictions

  • You cannot travel during the peak hours.
  • The discount may be removed on certain trains after major events.
  • Children may travel as part of the group, but they will need to buy an adult ticket.
  • The discounts cannot be used in conjunction with railcards or any other offer.
  • The group must travel together at all times.
  • Groups of 10 or more must book at least 10 days in advance to get the discount.
  • Train Operators reserve the right to make changes to the scheme without notice, and may withdraw it at any time provided that all outstanding purchases are honoured.

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