Aspley Guise Train
Aspley Guise Train

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As some of you are no doubt aware, recently there have been some issues with shortages of traincrew at London Midland. This has been caused by a temporary shortage of qualified drivers, and this has led to the cancellation of many London Midland services over recent weeks. London Midland are working very hard to rectify this issue, and most services every day should be running until the issue is sorted.

At the moment, the worst affected areas are around the West Midlands and some on the mainline, so we are largely avoiding the very worst of the cancellations. But unfortunately we cannot say that this will always be the case.

We will try and keep you up to date on train cancellations when we know them. But if you want to do it yourself the News Section of the London Midland website will be update at 5pm every day with the anticipated cancellations for the following day. You should also follow their excellent Twitter account, which give you up-to-date train running information.

Hopefully these issues will be sorted soon, and our line will continue to avoid the worst of it.

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